Saturday, March 22, 2014

Good Glass...

...Makes all the difference.

I recently said farewell to my odd assortment of lenses, gadgets and gear, along with my Fuji S5 Pro. Then I invested n a Nikon D800 professional SLR. At 36 million pixels, a 100% coverage viewfinder, Shutter speed up to 1/8000 sec., ISO up to 6400, and more, I knew  could get some really good pictures. But I also know that the camera is nothing without a good lens. So I did TONS of research and ended up with a F2.8 70-200 Nikkor and a Nikkor 50mm F1.8 prime lens.

Yesterday i went out into the sunny late afternoon and tried things out. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm a happy camper. I can shoot in mostly Manual mode, spin my dials, check my meters, and get pretty near perfect results. here's a sample;

A branch shakes its dead leaves over the receding snow. Soon all will be new life again...

An old Corsica

Spigot of Life

The Barns

Weeds in front of an old fuel tank

Welcome to spring-no avoiding the puddles! (Taken in continuous capture at 1/8,000/sec.)

Drizzling Drain

Feeding Heifers

Hey, there, silage-breath!

Curious Cow

Bridge Railing

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Of Snow and Beauty

We are all starting to complain about the cold, the snow, the slippery roads. We are all ready for spring! We should take a minute, however, to observe the humorous and the wonderful that comes with NY winters.

Winter gives another lusty blast. 

The wind around the outbuildings turns parts of my driveway into deep drifts, while the rest is swept bare.

I tried to leave work and...

Seriously?! 3 feet deep!

Yes, Winter has its beauty and uniqueness that must not be missed.

Mailboxes sit silently and newspaper boxes overflow, waiting for their owners to return from warmer lands.

Up at the Lake:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Have A Store

Hi. My name is Elliott.

 I have a store.
I sell Blue.

I sell Green.

I sell Red.

If you come to to my store and ask for Orange...

"Sorry, I don't sell Orange."

You have no right to try to force me to sell Orange.
You have no right to judge my motives for not selling Orange.
You have no right to call me names because I refuse to sell Orange.
If you want Orange go somewhere else.

Thank you and have a nice day.

See, the world and Christianity has been led astray and many heartaches and misunderstandings have resulted. Entirely too much name-calling and finger pointing on all sides. We need to straighten our perspective on the matter....

Here's the practical application. 

I am a mechanic.

Like any tradesman I have my skills, my specialties, my limits.
My limits are physical, mental, and moral.

If you bring me a vehicle that needs brakes, I'm your man.
Exhaust? Tire change? Oil and lube job? 

Sure thing.

If you bring me a car and ask me to turn it into a street racer, though, I'll turn you down.
Because I have reached the limit of my capabilities. I might be able to pull it off, but I also have a moral dilemma. I don't do unsafe modifications to vehicles.

BUT!  That is irrelevant to the customer. He cannot browbeat or threaten or coax me. It should - and does - suffice to reply that I do not provide that service.

I owe the customer no other explanation than "Sorry, man, I don't do that."


I am also a photographer.

I do nature, macros; old barns are my specialty.

I do graduations, airshows, swap meets.

I compile videos from time lapse photography of sunsets or projects.

I also do some traditional weddings.

I have limitations, however.

I can't do sports events, indoor portraits, or some traditional or homosexual weddings and events.


You haven't learned, have you?!


I may have limitations on equipment, lack of skills, or moral and spiritual limits.

I offer a certain set of products, and if I offer more that is entirely up to me.
Each product I offer as a photographer has its own set of skills; its own special knack; its practiced eye. I will not offer to do something that I cannot do well. A photographer must enter into the mood of something to draw out its beauty and tell its story.

There is someone else who offers whatever product you are looking for. For you to single me out because I do not offer the product you want and try to make a public example of me is the worst kind of cowardly bullying.

In conclusion:
I run a business in a professional way. I do not try to push my personal agendas or beliefs on my peers or customers, although I will certainly share them to any and all who have an interest. I do not refuse business of any kind to any person based on WHO they are, but rather WHAT I am asked to do. 

Likewise, we should all be customers who follow the normal rules of trade: go to the best place to get your products, if they do not carry them go elsewhere. If they do not posesss the skill set you are looking for just find someone who does.

* Simple. *