Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Interesting June Pictures

Vote on your favorite!...or just remind me not to quit my day job.



5 Silos

Bird Break

Whitetail in the Meadow

Running Bucks

Sweet and Simple

Rustic Fence


Evening Serenity


Monday, June 25, 2012

Not so Fun :(

A not -so-good morning farming. I blew a hydraulic hose on the zone builder one day while going down the road. It was the one that holds the wheels down of course.

Another day two Pull arms broke, this one 30 minutes after getting back to the field after spending all morning replacing the other one...

Field repairs, a broken reset spring.
Fertilizer, tools, new parts, and a compressor on the trailer. How do they go together? The nitrogen fertilizer gets on stuff and it rusts and it breaks and you use the tools to put the spare parts on. 

So farming isn't just driving big tractors plowing fields and making hay. This particular day was also spent mostly making repairs.
But don't worry, I'll have some nicer pictures for you later...if I'm not up too late tomorrow working on the merger!:-s

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Attempt...

At time lapse photography. I hope to offer y'all some better stuff in the future. Some big clouds got in the way of my plans tonight, but there will be plenty of chances to come.  I tooke this series of 34 pictures with my Fuji S9000 and a USB remote shutter release/timer. The interval was set at 20 sec.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now edited and revised! (prev. "nothing too exciting")

Following Tim down the road. He's got the turbo till, I have the zone builder.

Oops...low wire on Countyline between Mill and Seaman. I had to park my tractor on the side of the road and be a traffic director for a few minutes. Tim had to partly unfold and squeeze underneath. Why does the cable company do this?

Clouds of dust in the lights. Put in a few late nights (10 - 11 PM) to get fields finished.

The boys playing around with my cameras while we work on fuel injectors in a friend's truck.

Aaron's picture of Evan taking a picture;-) (Aaron is using my new Fuji S4080 Megazoom)

you can see the old injector next to my knee.

Stopped by the canal yestetday to grab this shot of a gorgeous sunset.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Field cooking!

A way to enjoy a hot meal while you're operating a big tractor all day long.
Put your food in heavy foil or a foil pan. 
Roll the edges to seal it and keep out as much dirt as possible;-)
Stick it in between the hood and the 6-inch exhaust pipe.
Keep working for a while....
And let it heat up. I stuck to Cheddar bratwurst and carrots.
Had to carve a raw carrot into a spoon for my potato salad.
(not edible though, my grubby hands turned it brown and I threw it out the back window when I was done.)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A bit of my own farming

Planting my garden
Making my plant-spacing boards

Lay out the plants...
...and in a few minutes, tada, we've got a garden! Or at least a start.

 Grass between the rows makes weed control a cinch, as well as providing moisture retention.