Saturday, June 16, 2012

Field cooking!

A way to enjoy a hot meal while you're operating a big tractor all day long.
Put your food in heavy foil or a foil pan. 
Roll the edges to seal it and keep out as much dirt as possible;-)
Stick it in between the hood and the 6-inch exhaust pipe.
Keep working for a while....
And let it heat up. I stuck to Cheddar bratwurst and carrots.
Had to carve a raw carrot into a spoon for my potato salad.
(not edible though, my grubby hands turned it brown and I threw it out the back window when I was done.)


Jamie Parfitt said...

Maybe you could carve a wooden spoon that you could re-use. :-)

Love, Mom

Reynolds said...

typical life of a farmer....long hours, making do and/or making something out of nothing...(the spoon)soaking in the best of God's handiwork, and lots of satisfaction. A truly AHHhhh moment! Enjoy your summer!