Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now edited and revised! (prev. "nothing too exciting")

Following Tim down the road. He's got the turbo till, I have the zone builder.

Oops...low wire on Countyline between Mill and Seaman. I had to park my tractor on the side of the road and be a traffic director for a few minutes. Tim had to partly unfold and squeeze underneath. Why does the cable company do this?

Clouds of dust in the lights. Put in a few late nights (10 - 11 PM) to get fields finished.

The boys playing around with my cameras while we work on fuel injectors in a friend's truck.

Aaron's picture of Evan taking a picture;-) (Aaron is using my new Fuji S4080 Megazoom)

you can see the old injector next to my knee.

Stopped by the canal yestetday to grab this shot of a gorgeous sunset.

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Jamie Parfitt said...

The girls have so many questions! "Traffic directing?" "Who are those boys?" "Wow, that's amazing!" (Annabelle's comment on the beautiful sunset you caught)

Love, Mom