Monday, June 25, 2012

Not so Fun :(

A not -so-good morning farming. I blew a hydraulic hose on the zone builder one day while going down the road. It was the one that holds the wheels down of course.

Another day two Pull arms broke, this one 30 minutes after getting back to the field after spending all morning replacing the other one...

Field repairs, a broken reset spring.
Fertilizer, tools, new parts, and a compressor on the trailer. How do they go together? The nitrogen fertilizer gets on stuff and it rusts and it breaks and you use the tools to put the spare parts on. 

So farming isn't just driving big tractors plowing fields and making hay. This particular day was also spent mostly making repairs.
But don't worry, I'll have some nicer pictures for you later...if I'm not up too late tomorrow working on the merger!:-s

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Victoria said...

Amen!! So many people think farming is driving a pretty tractor. If they only knew...That's why farmers are in the minority! :)