Sunday, March 31, 2013

Checkin in at last...

The Schoolhouse - the  part of our church building that we plan to renovate this year.

Edited by Wes O. and myself.

The windows in the church remind us what it's all about.

Happy Resurrection Day!
Which reminds me of another picture I took recently..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I found this hapless little bluebird in my stove when I went to light a fire tonight.

After it was lit for a couple minutes, I opened the damper.

Down into the flames tumbled another little bird! Realizing that it was alive, I rescued it quickly and it flew away with only a few scorched tail feathers.


Aw, you found me!

Cute but unwilling Subject

Not a very good picture, just an advertisement for International Harvester ;-)

Aren't we much like this little bluebird?
Rescued from the flames of fire in the nick of time... but we are afraid of our Savior. 
We don't trust Him to help us. 
We try to find our own way to happiness and freedom. 
It is only when we reach a dead end sometimes, that the Savior's strong, firm , but very gentle hand picks us up and carries us to the place we want to go.

Is it true freedom though?
As I stepped out the door and released my grasp on the little feet. the small bird sat there for a few moments, chirping uncertainly. It is a cold and hostile world out there; an unfriendly night.
The house was warm and bright but the world seemed to offer more liberty. The choice was not mine to make.

I do not expect the bluebird to come and ask to live indoors. It is a poor analogy at best, but our Loving Father wants us who have gotten cold to come and humbly knock for admittance. 

Do you choose, dear Christian, the "bondage" of Christ or the "freedom" of the world?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recent Things 'n Stuff

New York Farm Show, Syracuse

 It's in the red

Fully robotic milker

Very likely the same packer I used on the corn bunk a few months ago.

Sammy the cat

milking the cow into Sammy's dish

free refills!
Dutch Blitz at Mom's house.
 It's the best!