Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Job

Her are a couple cell phone pics from yesterday's work. I've moved from Trek, inc, where I worked as a factory assembler, to the great outdoors and what I like best - farming and mechanics. I am now a farm mechanic/ machine operator at Atwater Farms in Barker, NY. 
JD8630. 275 hp...

...powering this.

Enjoying the warm afternoon as I wait for the next tanker for me to fill.
Hopefully more later!


Jamie Parfitt said...

You look different without glasses. :-) Looks like even I would leave Trek for that kind of tractor. Of course, I'd have to learn to drive a tractor first!

Love, Mom

Jamie Parfitt said...

Hey Elliott, Pumping honey sure beats mounting capacitors doesn't it! If I was your twin I'd fill for a day.

Trevor K. Parfitt

Allen P. said...

Boy, I sure would like to have a job I could be out int the nice weather! When the weather is nice, that is...

Your Bro,