Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Tuneup: UM Zone Builder

Last week I got the zone builder ready.

This tillage implement prepares the soil in 12 evenly-spaced 1-foot strips, using the GPS guidance system in the tractor to prepare everything perfect for the planter to put corn in those exact strips through the field. It's green, but it's not a John Deere. These are made by Unverferth Mfg. in Ohio. (Say Unverferth 10 times fast) 

Those U-bolts have a tendency to break, so I welded the extension frames right to the main frame of the implement.

I also rebuilt the rear end of the Chevy pickup. A first time so I learned as I went along!

Old and New


Ready to roll, with a freshly-painted cover!

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Jamie Parfitt said...

Well, we just caught up with your posts. This is Trevor's favorite one. We just watched family videos and you just bounced constantly. Looks like you have found a place to use all that energy! :-)

Love, Mom