Saturday, May 5, 2012

April at the Farm #2

Leaking oil cooler gasket on the 8630

cleaned and disassembled...

Making new gaskets

All that black stuff came out of that air filter?!
Time to fix some exhaust leaks....
This one...
a large vertical one...

...and one at the base.
exhaust pipe worn thin is hard to weld but we'll give it a try.

The forklift is handy for bringing the Millermatic to the job site.

That's better! Note the round piece of metal -- I tack-welded it to the back side of the muffler as a ground tab because there is no good ground on the rusty stuff.

Aircraft tire from the mixer wagon. The rim was badly cracked, but instead of taking the 32 bolts out and pulling the rim apart, I pushed the tire down with the excavator...


Ben spraying wheat

Me driving the truck and trailer with the tank to refill the sprayer. A very rough little trail through the woods.

F250 reaches 111,111.1 miles :)

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"Nice video," says Naomi. "Hi," says Karen.