Monday, January 21, 2013


Good morning,
I'm stuck at my workbench for several minutes holding a piece of a nail gun with one hand as the epoxy cures, and with the other hand I am undertaking the grueling task of typing on my iPod with one index finger.

My prayer has been for the last few days for my Bible reading. I want it to change. Sometimes it's a duty performed at the beginning of the day, sometimes it's a joy. At times when I want an answer to some problem or question, I have trouble getting anything out of my reading because I am spending all my time reading between the lines trying to get some kind of answer ... and entirely missing whatever God wanted for me that day.

We know the Bible is a living Book, right? But do we really read it like that? It is time for a fresh perspective. It is our necessary food. When you sit down to a meal, do you concentrate on the vitamins and minerals and calories and how they can be used to support growth or bodily function in certain areas? I'm sure there are people like that... and they are miserable eaters! No, we will get all the good and necessary things out of a meal if we just enjoy it.

So I've tried that in my Scripture reading and it is amazing! Sit down in anticipation of a pure hearty meal, and you will be blessed by the Holy Spirit's illumination as you take it in. He knows just how to apply it to your life and what you need for today, and what you need to give to someone else today!

I came to work this morning full and satisfied... And something tells me it was more than the glass of Carnation instant.

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Jamie Parfitt said...

Oh, no, you aren't doing what Dad did and eat fake food, are you? He finally figured out that real food is more satisfying. Having Carnation Instant is like having the NIV!

You are such a good cook, I'm guessing you just had a rushed morning. It's just such a surprise because you have done all that canning and other things to have better-than-usual quality of food. :-)

Anyway, that was an excellent message about reading the Bible. Thanks for the reminder. The same can go for prayer. We can pray by watching the clock and ticking things off a written list, or we can pray from the bottom of our hearts, hearing God's answers and following HIS conversation. :-)

God bless you, Elliott.

Love, Mom