Friday, April 19, 2013

Ice Storm..and Cream

Thankfully it wasn't a real ice storm. Just a raw, wet, and windy day. I listened to the trees crackling with ice in the whistling wind.
A piece from the ice-littered ground, molded by a branch.

The preceding two photographs were taken by two different cameras; a $200 body/$100 lens, and a $500 body/$60 lens. Can you tell which is which?

Waiting to turn into apple leaves.

The frozen orchard.

Once it warms up, anyone want some of my homemade cherry ice cream?


Jamie Parfitt said...

Nice. The top picture is nicer. Is it the more expensive camera? Reese suspects that the nicer picture was taken with the cheaper camera setup.

Karen wants you to know that her favorite picture is the one of the power lines in front of blue sky. And yes, she wants some of your ice cream.

Naomi says, "I would like the ice cream, but the rooster would taste good too!" :-)

Bring some of that ice cream next time you come home for a visit. :-)

Elliott Parfitt said...

the first picture was the expensive camera, the second was the expensive lens. They are both good, the color is a bit different, but the cheap camera has more graininess called noise.