Thursday, June 20, 2013

The "Before" Pictures

I recently moved into an old farmhouse that needs a lot of work done to the kitchen. Here are the "before" pics:




Thanks to some kind hep (read hard work) from the Atwaters, the walls were scrubbed down and I was able to get a coat of paint on.




New floor waiting to replace the old red linoleum


Krista Atwater said...

It actually looks pretty good, in those pictures, except the west wall, then you can see the work that it needed..
Paint can make a difference...

Jamie Parfitt said...

We noticed a difference on the top of the refrigerator! Looking forward to your mid-project pics. I will not spill the beans about what you did to it.

Amy said...

Hi Elliott,

I'm an Atwater that grew up in the house your remodeling. Kara is my niece. I grew up in the downstairs room with french doors, curtained on both sides. Recently, I saw a photo of my mom and brother in the kitchen from the 1980s time frame. Glad the house is being fixed back up again. I remember the refrigerator right next to the stove back in the day. A picnic table used to be in the kitchen to seat all the visitors we had over. Not until later years did we have the money to buy a large table to seat 8-10. Also remembering the "peaking" we used to do through the 2nd floor registers. Andy would also know what mom was cooking in the kitchen too because of them :)

Looks great - would love to see more pictures of the project as it continues.