Saturday, July 27, 2013

Harvest is Past...

Wow. It's hard to keep track of it all.

2 weeks of hot, long, sun-baked and work-filled days. I didn't even get a chance to take my good camera out and get pictures of the ripe wheat fields to couple with the verse about the fields being "white unto harvest"...but we've all seen that hundreds of times so what's the point.

The combining was done by another farmer, so I didn't take much part in that except pulling the 40- foot combine head to another field (as you can imagine it doesn't fit down the road on the front of the combine).

I mostly ran the baler over the rows of straw that the combine leaves behind it. I turned it into rows of 700-pound 3'x4' square bales, as pretty a picture as you could wish for


This indicates a broken string... I re-thread that knotter, then crawl underneath and re-thread the needle

Finally it gets cool and a massive storm sweeps in off Lake Ontario, which is just beyond those trees.

This monitor tells how much moisture is in the straw or hay, and applies preservative if you are baling hay.

This monitor controls different functions of the baler, gives error alerts, and runs the lubrication systems.

loading the bales onto wagons to take back to the farm for stacking.

We finished up yesterday and covered the huge stack of 620 bales that didn't fit into any of our barns. there must have been over 1500 bales total.

The point I have drawn from the whirlwind tour of wheat harvest is that maybe we like to gaze across the wheat fields waving in the summer sun.

We like to take pictures and show other people the need of laborers. But when we turn around, we might stop short in astonishment, realizing the time was already past for gathering the crop into the LORD's barns.

What was my part in the harvest?

What was yours?

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