Sunday, September 8, 2013


Just finished a stone fire-place job and thought I'd do some free advertising!

Can you find the three hearts, small, medium, and large, that I put in at the homeowner's request?

It's a Mennonite home in Lyndonville, NY. A cozy little house with a young newly married couple living there; It's great to be able to make their winter a little more homey.

I do small block, concrete, and stone jobs on the side, as well as foundation inspection and repair.
Call Elliott at 585~683~8 1 1 7 for an estimate :)

Here's some of my portfolio from the past: These are all jobs I did in partnership with Creative Stonework in Scottsville, NY.

 an octagonal chimney that required hand-chipping the granite to a 45-degree bevel

These next are of my parents' house in Geneseo, NY. I was helped by my brothers, who I trained and who finished the job themselves beautifully.


Krista Atwater said...

Soo very beautiful, I never realized you had such a gift....The homeowners must love it!!!

Trevor Parfitt said...

I found the three hearts.

Love, Mom