Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hittin' the Road! times.

But a necessary thing if you are about to drive over 700 miles in one day.

A classic little place in Ohio.

An awesome store, like Home Depot on steroids.

My first piece of cargo, a new Snapper walk-behind. It rode nicely up on the fifth wheel deck.

And if you are going through Millersburg on a hot day...

Make sure you stop here...

So you can enjoy the challenge of driving steep hills and winding turns in a stick-shift with a 24-ft. trailer while eating a delicious ice cream cone.

Amish dealership.

Time to change out the stock bumper and flimsy brush guard

A friend had made this for his old Dodge that ended up in the scrap yard.

Painted up and ready to install.

Installed with the custom front plate I fabricated Monday afternoon.

At a John Deere dealer in southern PA.

Taking the truck route through the hills.

A short break.

At a gas station in southern NY


Amy Jo said...

awesome pics... hey I wonder how you knew to stop at Fox's for ice cream??:) And how did you watermark your photos??

Elliott Parfitt said...

Hey Amy, I did the watermark in Adobe Lightroom, the program I use to process my photos.

Gail at Stillmeadow Farm said...

Makes me homesick for Ohio. Great pics!