Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Camp 2010

Verse of the Day: Joshua 6:11" ... and they came into the camp, and lodged in the camp."

We just had a blessed week at Family Camp.  There wer morningg and evening services, with singing, praying, and lots of preaching.
The hospitalty of the Pawley family, as usual, knew no bounds.  They host the camp and all the services are held in their big pole barn.

I had to work all week, but I wanted to be there for the evening services, at least. Pastor Pawley said I could camp out there, So on Saturday afternoon I drove out. I set up my tent, then helped get the whole place finished up and ready for Sunday.

We had a great Sunday. After three hours of sleep, I got up at 2:30 to go to work. This was not going to work out! The Reynolds' had invited me to stay at their place if I wasn't able to get enough sleep, so as soon as I got back, I packed up and stuffed everything back in the jeep. Then after the service I went to the Reynolds' farm and set up in the shop. It was a little drier than the rainy outdoors:-). Micah Reynolds and Daniel Martin were staying out there too, but I never heard them come in. I was fast asleep. A huge thank-you to the Reynolds family for their generosity and hospitality for the rest of the week. I was able to get a lot more sleep.

Enough ramblin'!. Here's a few pictures.
Pastor leads the singing.
         Bro. Ron Williams

Bro. Duane Cleghorn

Niagara Falls. Contrary to what the photograph suggestes, God held off the rain the whole time we were there!

  Singing while Brother Tim Hargett preached to the crowd waiting in line for the Cave of the Winds.

The food was great, but nothing compared to the spiritual feeding we received that week!

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