Friday, July 16, 2010

What a Downpour!

Verse of the Day: 1 King 18: 41 And Eliiah said vnto Ahab, Get thee vp, eate and drinke, for there is a sound of abundance of raine.
- King James Version (1611)
On Tuesday afternoon the heavens opened and the clouds certainly gave forth a "sound abundance of rain."
I was thankful for my wipers, but they barely meade a difference as I made my way down I-390 toward home. The van in front of me was near the side of a bridge we were crossing, and the water was spraying in a fountain from his tires right over the concrete barrier on the side. It looked really cool, so I did it too.Here are a few pictures of the deluge. You can see some are taken with my phone... if I can get them on here..we'll see.

captured with wipers at full speed.

What are soybeans doing in a rice paddy?

We need a dock, not a porch

To whom it may concern.

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