Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Wrenchin'

Verse of the Day: I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all [is] vanity and vexation of spirit. Ecclesiastes 1:14

A couple weeks ago some of us men from church met to attempt an engine swap in a missionary's 1980's Dodge van. The V-6 had broken a connecting rod cap and was totally junk, so a brother donated an identical engine that was sitting in his garage. We had a lot of fun, and it was good fellowship.

Bro. Andy and David work on the replacement engine.

Backing the old engine up and out with the skid loader.

There she be!

The "new" engine on the engine stand.
It turned out to be a lemon itself, so we held a committee and decided not to throw any more time or money into the old vehicle. Poor ole' Betsy! But we got some more experience and learned some neat things, like, don't work over a bucket of used oil... you will be fishing out wrenches and sockets. I see why they call it elbow grease!

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