Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Hard-packed Road

Came across this poem and I liked it. I added the pics (google img.).

This Earth is All Too Solid

This earth is all too solid and we long to spread our wings
And leave the gravitational for lighter, higher things.
For few men help to lessen loads on highways here below:
Instead they make our labor worse, and thorns and stones they sow.

Our cares would press our tender feet into the rock beneath,
And burdens cramp our aching legs; we grimly set our teeth.
We plod ahead in weariness upon this solid ground,
The sun is hot, or rain is cold - some ill is always found.

We see a few that float along in bubbles of their own,
And envy them - then view ourselves, and shake our heads and moan.
But if we’d look ahead we’d see they have a sudden stop.
For fun and evil have their time, then suddenly they pop.

In Matthew ‘leven thirty, read the words, “My burden’s light”!
Christ’s yoke is easy for the ones who walk into His light.
“Come unto me, all ye that labor - I will give you rest.”
Forsake yourself and turn to Him for truly you’ll be blest.

The weight that presses mankind down is his own crushing sin.
But helpless sinners in despair is who Christ came to win!
“Repent therefore, and be converted - sin is blotted out”
Remove your feet from broad to strait - the Christian’s only route.

My heart is light! But now since Jesus severed Satan’s cord,
I’d rather stay upon the ground to be below my Lord.
The earth is still so solid, but now my eyes can see:
Whatever way God chooses, will be the best for me.
                                                                              Elliott R. Parfitt

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