Monday, June 6, 2011

Orange Cones & Flagmen

I have heard it said that the four seasons in Upstate New york are:
Almost winter
Still Winter...
and Road Construction!
It has been a little frustrating, my trip throgh Medina this past week or two.

 Slow traffic, rough roads, and it always looks like the fellows are just standing around (although I'm sure they're all working very hard).

I took a detour around the outside of town the other day, and found this!

 Well, we can always use another lesson on patience, and I'm glad for the men working out in the hot sun so we're not driving down wagon trails!


Allen P. said...

I390 N from a mile south of Rush till I90 has been under construction for a couple months now. It adds from 4-8 minutes to my commute, depending on how much traffic there is. You are right, it is frustrating, but I too am glad that they work to keeps our roads safe!

Matthew Garfat said...

I know what you mean about the guys not looking like their doing anything. But of course they are because they get so much done. I'm sure glad that we live in countries that have good roads.

Jamie Parfitt said...

Amen. The new smooth roads are a blessing akin to a thrill.