Monday, December 24, 2012


What will you give?

This Christmas Eve Snow is falling silently across a darkened landscape. As I finish my cold chores and head inside to stir up the fire, a sort of loneliness comes over me. The rest of my family is heading out tomorrow for a 2-month missions trip. Giving their time, talent, and treasure to the Savior on Christmas Day. I will be with them in prayers, but I'll miss them this holiday season and through the winter. Then it struck me: 
How did He feel?

The LORD and creator from eternity past, starting life on earth... 

as a tiny baby...

in a barn.

It must have been lonesome.

It must have felt like a prison.

But He came to do his Father's Will.

And I am again reminded this Christmas to strive to be more like my Savior.

The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant 
above his lord.  
                   Matthew 10:24

So what will we give to Him this Christmas?  If you are not saved He wants your heart. If you hare saved...

He wants your heart. 
And all the trimmings. And the ornaments. Strip off the shiny paper so He can use you as you are; make you what you should be.

He wants our dreams, our desires, our loves and hates, our few successes and many failures.

He wants to make something beautiful out of our lives.

Merry Christmas
~Elliott R . Parfitt


Krista Atwater said...

Merry Christmas Elliot!!
Well Said!!

Jamie Parfitt said...

We miss you, too. It would be so fun if you were with us. Maybe next trip! Thanks for the insights.

Love, Mom