Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A peaceful darkness.

The furnace stops blowing. The music stops playing. The house is plunged into sudden and complete darkness.

For several minutes I don't stir from the couch, but calmly continue my rhythmic cranking of the butter churn. When power is not restored beyond one quick flicker in quite a while, I cease my monotonous circles and feel my way to the desk for my phone. It's light guides me down the hall and soon I emerge fro my bedroom with a bright LED motion sensor light. It's cool white beams allow me to find matches, and before many mintutes pass, The living room is illuminated by two kerosene lamps and a couple of scented candles. A Dietz lantern slid over a ceiling fan blade completes the lighting of my abode.

I'll put the churn in the refrigerator and work on that project when I have light. A gallon batch of yogurt is slowly cooling on the range. I check it with a candy thermometer, aided by the flashlight on my phone. Still almost 40 degrees too hot.

The wood stove crackles in the next room. I will soon blow out the various small flames around the room and enjoy the dark and silence as I drift off to sleep.

No mercury vapor lights from the neighbors, no fans or motors, no distractions. Just peace. A time to listen like Samuel for the voice of God.

Good night, everyone.


The Reynolds said...

I just love the peace and quiet of a dark winter night, hushed by a cozy blanket of whiteness. No electric means no beeping, humming, buzzing, just quiet.

Mrs. R

Jamie Parfitt said...

We are hoping that ceiling fan wasn't on, or the lantern would fly across the room when the power comes back on!