Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Let me paint you a scenario...

We are paying too much for cars.
Dealerships are taking us to the cleaners. They are evil capitalists who are oppressing us. The Government should pay for our vehicles, since transportation is a right. But that's too drastic, so let's just regulate the dealerships for now.

Everyone who wants a car can go to and pick a category: silver cars, gold cars, platinum cars... each one will have a set payment.
If you don't make enough money you can subsidize your car. In order to make sure the millions of poor people get free cars, we need to make sure that young people starting out and trying to make it in life pay more on their car payments.

We also need to make sure those that want to be flashy and do street racing get free tires and protective gear. We don't care if they do irresponsible things, we'll just try to keep them from paying the consequences.

What about those who want to pay cash? Too bad! We punish people who work hard and win. If you do not have a car payment by Jan. 1st, you will get 5% of your income added to your taxes as a penalty!

Don't worry, America. We'll take care of you.

~by Elliott Parfitt

P.S. Don't worry, if you like your dealer you can keep your dealer...


Dakota Covey said...

It's probably not to far off at the rate this country's going.

Jamie Parfitt said...

I was JUST thinking about that this morning! Why don't they do that for cars? But of course, we can't live without medical intervention, but we CAN live without cars. For now.

I love the play on words: car/care. Also, the part about penalty if you feel like paying cash is pretty much how sensible the threatened penalty is for not having insurance. I'm glad I got into Samaritan Ministries! If it wasn't for them, I would not know what is going on and what my options are. Healthcare sharing is the most sensible way to go.

And lastly, the part about irresponsible actions needing to be paid for instead of fined is TOO close for comfort! It is exactly what is happening with other irresponsible activities subsidized by "medical" supplies. Interesting that if you get drunk and crash into someone, that can be blamed on an addiction. But so far no one has said the actions leading to unwanted children is called an addiction. Watch. Now that I've said it, it will be in the papers next week.