Monday, July 9, 2012

You Hafta Try!

The video control processor chip burned up in the rear view camera, so we decided to see if I could repair it with a $15 part to save the $500 camera system. As you can see it was badly burned under the removed chip.

New 20-pin dual inline package chip.(DIP for short)

Soldering tip I made for the purpose, out of a mig welding tip.

Soldered in place.
My forefinger for perspective.

Unfortunately it still wouldn't turn on, but it was fun to try. I noticed when I zoomed into pic 1 tonight that one of the vias that goes across under the chip was broken, so maybe I'll try repairing it again, just in case...


Jamie Parfitt said...

Dylan is wondering what the camera is for. Good job using the experience God gave you to try. Hope the second try works!

Love, Mom

Elliott Parfitt said...

The camera came off the Cat payloader and it was supposed to go on the manure tanker to see if the injectors were functioning properly.