Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Pictures...and a Photographic Thesis

I like to keep my new Fuji in the car with me. I don't know how many times I've stopped and jumped out to get a good shot a t something, with people thinking I must be a city slicker who has never seen a barn or a wheat field before.
 That's not the case, I'm a totally country farmer...who tries to appreciate and even take home a piece of the rustic and breathtaking beauty God surrounded us with. He enjoys the world He made; so should we.

The Challenge: As we walk or drive by, we are constantly focusing and re-focusing, judging depth, auto-eliminating cluttered surroundings that detract from natural beauty, seeing a nearly-180-degree High-def. moving picture, complete with sound and feel and smell. How can I possibly convey home even a portion of that feeling that thrills through me, keep it for memories sake. More importantly, how can I share my experience in a way that will bless others? Give them a sliver of my pie? Warm their hearts and make them want to join me in worship of the Creator?

The Camera: Whether it's a $75 Walmart special or a $1200 Digital SLR, they all work about the same. Almost all cameras can take great pictures; I've never spent more than $200 on any one camera, and neither have I exhausted the capabilities of these little handheld wonders. I must remember (and I am easily reminded by my frequent failings to compose anything worth more than a glance) that this this not a tool to bring glory to its user. My Camera can be a puny thing that feeds my pride as I compete in a market and hobby flooded with thousands of highly trained, experienced, professionals who have the latest technologically advanced equipment on the market....or using a camera can be a kind of prayer of thanksgiving to God. What spirit do I have as I press the shutter button...?

The Creativity: Out of the ordinary. A fresh perspective. A different angle. Or sometimes just a simple reminder that God still makes those beautiful sunsets, those modest daisies. Running across a field like a fool to line up the sun with a weed. Picking a picture perfect oat stalk and carrying it home to compose my own layout. It's all part of the fun challenge.

And I hope you'll enjoy my attempts, "O Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together."

Here are this evening's results.

Day and night.

Frontal system off the Lake

Color or Classic?

My favorite from tonight. What's yours?

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Jamie Parfitt said...

Annabelle liked your favorite. Naomi liked the frontal system off the lake. Karen liked the second moon picture. Reese likes your favorite. Dylan likes your favorite. I like how I thought the color version of the one with the leaf looked like a side view of a Monarch butterfly at first.

Love, Mom