Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gold and Silver

We hear the radio
blaring out the news.
"Financial experts say that a crisis is coming!"
"Silver expected to reach an all-time high"
"Gold is predicted to skyrocket in the near future!"
"Call today for free information about the end of the dollar!"

Get your hands on some GOLD.

We've been believing the hype for, well, centuries. Precious metals have been responsible for more happiness, hatred, murder, suicide, success, and starvation than anyone could ever calculate. 

They have been used down through the ages as a literal glittering monetary system.
But what about today. As of 2013, NO country on earth uses gold as a standard. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_standard

What makes us think that the economy collapsing will make gold become money?! There will be no standard, no way to know what gold is worth in trading. Gold and silver? It might as well be dirt.

The first letter is right, however. G&S.
Nope, not guns and slugs. When push comes to shove, there are only two things used for a basic economy - Goods and Services.

Think about it. If the economy collapsed (which would be very difficult because we have a very stable economy in spite of the media) I would be a very well-to-do man. I can grow my own food, and I have many skills that can be used - construction, repair, and agriculture are the three basic parts of an economy. I can do all three.

Others might have goods. Not trinkets, jewelry or little bags of gold or silver spoons. But for a gallon of gasoline a man would give you the hand of his daughter in marriage. For a jar of peaches I would split a stack of firewood.

We would trade, pull together, work hard. Capitalism in its true form would arise and balance the economy in no time at all. And we'd be off and running...at least until the liberals arose again and designed entitlement programs to ruin everything. But I digress.

Here's my point, and many wealthy and knowledgeable people agree. Gold and silver are as volatile - and stable - as nitroglycerine. You think you've got a great plan; it's liable to blow up in your face.

So live simple. Keep the basics in mind and at hand. A claw hammer and some muscle will get you farther than a basement cubby-hole full of "precious" metal.



Krista Atwater said...

Excellent words!!!

Gail said...

Very well said. We live in such a false economy. Thankfully there are still some truly rich people out there!